Fans of Internet casino games can quickly run into issues with computer performance, as many players spread their play around a lot of different online sites. Since many online casinos and poker sites offer signup bonuses for new players, it's common for some players to sign up, download, and play at dozens of different sites. While that's great for the player, it's not always good for your computer, as downloading and installing (and sometimes uninstalling) all that software can lead to registry and performance issues.

You won't run into any spyware or malware issues with Internet casinos but they do sometimes make the process of uninstalling their software a bit of a chore, as they want to see you hang around and play at their site for as long as possible. Most newer computers aren't impacted by the extra storage and stray registry files that result from downloading software from many different online sites, but performance can be impacted on older computers or on very bare- bones netbooks and laptops.

One easy solution to this issue is to stick to online sites that offer no-download versions of their casino games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, and more. These no-download versions are most often Flash-based and give players instant access to many of the same games they'll find in the downloadable client -- just without the fuss or muss of downloading and installing software. Some sites also don't support Macs with their standard download client, so the no- download version is often the only way for Mac users to play at some online sites.

If you're an owner of an Android phone or tablet, you can also use the no-download option to play on your mobile device, as the games are accessed via a Web browser. Most online sites haven't yet released apps that let you play for real money at their casino and poker sites, so using the no-download casino is the online way to enjoy your favorite gambling games. iPod and iPad owners are left out in the cold, however, as Apple's lack of support for Flash means they won't be able to access or play at the vast majority of no-download casinos.
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