Scam artists are now using the system many people have on their computers, Microsoft. The scammers will call customers pretending to work for the company and tell them they have a virus on their computer that they don't really have.

"They state that Microsoft found a problem with their operating system and that they need to go in and help these people out," said Jeremy Willis, with Computer Associates of Abilene.

But this is when the real trouble begins.

"They have people go on the Internet, they log onto a site a Microsoft support site and from there it goes to a function that's called log me in," said Willis. "Log me in" gives the scammers complete access and control of the computer system.

"They start downloading viruses and then they'll show the people these are the viruses that we found on your system and then from that point they'll bring up a bill and say we can remove these viruses, but it's going to cost you," said Willis.

Costing the user $200-$400 to remove a virus they never really had.

Sergeant Jeff Lafrance, with the Abilene Police Department Fraud Division, said once these scammers get the individual on the phone their risk rises.

"If somebody does call or email you my suggestion especially is, never hit reply button and if it's a cold call, ask a lot of questions and be suspicious," said Sergeant Lafrance.

Along with hacking into your computer, they can also obtain personal information.

"With that information they can buy vehicles, they can open accounts with utility companies which is probably most common from what I've seen," said Lafrance.

Scams like this one have been happening since 2008, here recently more cases just like this one have been seen here in the Big Country.
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