There are a hundred and one reasons why your system could be running slow. So find out what the problem is and give it a thorough cleanup.

Many of us nowadays need to use our computer for almost all our work regarding communication, finding information online, storing data, online shopping, playing games and so on. But unlike any other electronic and electrical gadgets, computers are much more sensitive and needs a lot of care and attention from you. And as technology keeps advancing, newer and better innovations in software, hardware and everything imaginable keeps coming up in the cyber world. Therefore you need to keep your computer in top shape by optimizing on the performance.

Computer cleanup or optimization is a key element in keeping your computer running smoothly all the time without compromising on the speed. There maybe many reasons as to why your PC may be slow in performance. What many people do not understand is that when the hard disk of the computer becomes cluttered with more files and application softwares it becomes more sluggish and slow to open the files or even connect to the internet. The most common reasons for such sluggish behavior could be due to insufficient storage space in the computer disk, fragmented hard drive, lack of RAM and sometimes even outdated computer components.

This is because every time you use the computer for a task we use up the space in the hard disk. The tasks may be to create a document or folder, download music from the Internet, transfer pictures to your PC from your digital camera , or even transfer data from CD’s and DVD’s. So the more things we store as the days go by, the more time the system takes to locate any specific file or folder in the system.

Another reason could be due to the newer programs like the operating system itself for PC which keeps coming up that are more resource intensive and larger; this makes it very tough for your computer to keep up good performance. Whenever Windows starts up it is programmed to automatically load the programs that are in the system; and as you go on installing more programs, the list gets longer causing the space to be used up. To top it off, the programs and files are stored at different locations. This fragmentation of the system hard disk is a major reason for your computer slowing down.

Another reason your system is slow could be due to virus attacks. Virus attack on computers can be very severe where it can slow it down to a snail’s pace or shut it down completely. It is also capable of erasing data or corrupting data and many other things-all harmful. The main reason that viruses are difficult to get rid of is because they can replicate themselves; this makes so many different types of virus float constantly around the internet and gain entry into any system the moment they get a chance. They make their entry into various types of data files and programs and make copies of themselves. Depending on the type, the virus may immediately start harming your computer the moment the corrupted file is executed. Some viruses are so malicious and are capable of causing serious damage while there are some milder ones that can just be a nuisance more than anything else. There are different categories of computer viruses and it's important to know what they can potentially do to harm your computer so that you can do something about it.

There are some that are known as memory-resident viruses. These viruses do not infect other hosts but instead waits for the opportune moment for the user to open it and corrupts that particular file. They are capable of replicating themselves but they do not have the ability to find other foreign hosts. There is another category which is non-memory resident and is worse than the resident ones. These viruses can replicate themselves and has a module that can find other hosts. Once they are executed within the system it instantly starts looking for other potential hosts to infect. This way it works in a two way mode by replication and corrupting files on one side while still actively searching for some other files to corrupt.

And with the advancements in computer technology the viruses have also become more and more advanced to keep up with the latest technology. Nowadays we have various script viruses which are like file viruses but are written in specific languages that are used on the net like PHP, HTML, and JavaScript etc. A script virus is capable of infecting different parts of your computer as they corrupt any file which allows the execution of the scripts. There are also macro viruses which use the macros within the system applications to replicate themselves on your system. Macros make recurring tasks automatic and can easily spread via e-mail and damage the document.

Thus you can see why it is so necessary to have a thorough computer cleanup and know how to prevent computer viruses from letting it gain entry and ruin your hard work. You can get appropriate pc security software which is a special anti-virus program that will protect your system from all threats. And make sure to also put up a firewall for hardware as well as software. That way no one will be able to hack into your system and obtain your delicate data illegally. This is a major concern just like identity theft. There are many hacking tips that are available; you can familiarize yourself and keep your system protected. And make sure you keep your password to yourself. It can save you a lot of trouble.

Simply put, we cannot stop technology from advancing, and just so we also cannot stop malicious software programmers from developing new worms and viruses and hacking methods. But we can ensure that our computer is protected from all these by taking necessary steps. So the next time your computer starts to run low, you know what to do.
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