Symantec has outlined its vision for protecting customers from the next generation of internet security threats with the help of a range of new products and partnerships - under the badge of its Security 2.0 concept.

John Thompson, Symantec chief executive officer, said, “Consumers and enterprises alike need to feel confidentthat their information is safe and their interactions are secure. Otherwise, the digital lifestyle will not be as exciting or dynamic, and we will not realise the full potential that new technologies bring to the connected world.”

Thompson unveiled a number of new products and initiatives at a New York event this week.

Norton Confidential Online Edition is an on-line transaction security product that allows financial institutions to help their customers to bank on-line with confidence.

The offering is partly based on Symantec’s recently announced Norton Confidential product, and is being delivered via new bank-to-consumer and retailer-to-consumer distribution channels.

There was also the launch of Symantec Database Security to protect data held in private and public sector databases, and the announcement of Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series to protect enterprise e-mail systems.

Another new initiative is VeriSign and Identity Protection. Symantec and VeriSign have announced plans to deliver security solutions to combat the growing threat of consumer identity theft and fraud on the internet.

Symantec plans to offer support for the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service. In addition, the two companies will jointly market combined identity and security products to financial institutions, on-line retailers and end users.

The New York event also saw the unveiling of Accenture and Symantec Security Transformation Services, a global organisation that will build and implement data security programs for companies.

The organisation is comprised of consultants from both companies dedicated to mitigating security risks in three key areas: compliance, security monitoring and management, and application security.

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