A new Symantec report finds that home users are at greatest risk of attack.

Symantec Corporation has released their latest Threat Report that indicates that home users are being increasingly targeted for attack. Most attacks are financially motivated attacks for identify theft and fraud.

The reason seems to be that home users are less likely to have sound security measures in place to counter such attacks. This accounts for about 86 percent of the success rate of targeted Internet attacks.

Using a variety of techniques, attackers are often able to escape detection and prolong their presence on their target computer systems. In this way they are able to gain more time to steal confidential information, provide remote access, and even hijack the computer for marketing purposes.

Phishing scams are also widely used to gain secure information without even gaining entry to individual computer systems. Always be cautious when receiving an email asking for any confidential information. Even clicking on a link within the email can take a victim to a false website and even install malicious software while on that site. When in doubt, call an established phone number of the institution in question regarding the suspicious email and never give out any sensitive information unless you are sure of the party to whom you are giving the information.

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