KOCHI: Internet security has been a major challenge to corporates and institutions as hackers have been employing new modes of intrusion into domains. The threats to security come in many forms such as viruses, worms, spam, spyware, `phishing' and `pharming.'

Companies offering unified threat management are registering good growth. The market for the network security solutions in India is estimated at $63 million and is growing tremendously, said Ashish V.D. Thapliyal, an expert in the field.

Earlier, a firewall was the only security device deployed by institutions to protect the network. Other security solutions such as virtual private networks, anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion detection and prevention have been available as individual solutions.

Elitecore Technologies Ltd., an Indian company, has launched Cyberoam, a single appliance consolidating all the solutions, said Mr. Ashish who heads its operations wing in India. The company, having alliances with global leaders such as IBM, Intel, HP, Oracle and Wipro, has reportedly registered 75 per cent growth since its inception seven years ago.

The clients in Kerala include Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cuast), VSSC and various engineering colleges.

The installation of UTM would enable the network to prevent intrusions through a multi-pronged approach. Many of the viruses attack the unprotected network when employees open virus-infected mail. Similarly, the network in an institutional set-up is subjected to constraints due to excess load from individual terminals.

The UTM helps trace such practices so that appropriate management tools could be deployed. Content filtering and bandwidth management are part of the functions executed by the UTM appliance.

The new software package protects the network from emerging threats and prevents the possibility of data tampering.

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