Are you having problems with booting your PC? Ever encountered an error message that says your system has missing or corrupted files? This might be due to RunDll errors and it could even lead to more serious system failure if left untreated.

It could earn you a plus to know about the nature of the problem first before taking any action. RunDll errors, as everybody knows, is due to a corruption or alteration of DLL files that RunDll.exe tries to fetch from your system. This error results in virus attacks and improper software install or uninstall processes. For instance, malwares and worms automatically create DLL files that can alter your registry and leave other programs malfunctioning due to corrupted registry entry. RunDll problems can also occur upon reformatting of your operating systems when the wrong DLL files have been forwarded to the newly formatted disk.

Correcting RunDll problems widely vary on the source of the error. If the system failure is due to missing startup items, check the ‘msconfig’ by typing it in the Run command and update the missing files by adding them to the list of startup items. If a different set of error has occurred such as an irregular PC booting, the error might be coming from one of these startup items. Under these conditions, it is highly recommended to perform a clean boot by clearing all the startup items and choose Selective Startup in the System Configurations Utility. This can also be done in ‘msconfig’ command. You can randomly choose which programs will be included in the startup until you finally identify which startup entry is causing the problem. On the other hand, if the error is due to an improperly uninstalled application, the best cure is to reinstall the program be sure to cleanly uninstall it.

When things seem worse and there seems no problem in the startup items, the error might be hiding itself in the Windows Registry itself. It is very easy to find Windows Registry cleaners that will scan your system to detect errors in registry entries. In fact, this is often the source of RunDll errors that we are trying to fix. Simply perform a registry scan and this will enumerate registry errors such as incorrect file path, invalid registry entries and DLL errors. Upon detecting these problems, the registry cleaner might even try to fix these errors whenever possible and hopefully clear your system from any of these DLL problems.

Most of these RunDll errors can easily be detected if you perform regular registry scanning. There are a lot of antivirus and registry fix utilities that can eliminate these invalid registry entries and DLL errors without harming or altering your system and you can run these processes safely. Keep an updated version of these utilities so that you will remain protected from any malware or virus attacks. Scan your PC regularly with these helpful remedies so that you can keep a clean and fast PC that is free from viruses or RunDll errors.
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