Defragging your hard drive is important because when files become fragmented for a long time hence the speed of your computer slows down its performance level. It can be done manually or automatically by simply running it on your computer. For most events, commercial software’s needed to do it. Browse for many resource all through your bookstore or at online store, and you can ask for advice and suggestions at some experts too, whether offline or online. Reading articles will also boost your familiarity for the things you might not know yet, it will make a big help for you about this matter. Sure you’ll be dismayed when your computer is running slow, like when you just turn it on, you’ll notice how it is working; when you open files or program, surely must be too slow too; so what you need is to something to make it work faster like when it is just new. There are available free softwares like the PageDefrag from Microsoft Sysinternals.

Doing the task is easy. First, open the application and then look for the list of your system files along with the number of fragments each file is in. Then click the button “Defragment at next boot”, it’s much better to do it that way rather than defragging separately by each boot. Then the system will ask you to restart your computer as the next procedure to complete it. And then you’ll also be prompted hitting a key if you choose not to defrag now by PageDefrag. But if you choose not to abort the defrag you will then see it processing if you don't choose to abort. There is also a free Registry Defrag shareware available you can find it online, however it is only compatible with systems like the Windows XP, Vista, 2000, ME, 98, Windows 2003, Windows XP Pro x64 Edition, Windows Vista x64 edition, and Windows 2003 Server x64. There are no recurring fees when downloading it online, so if you some place over the internet who offers it with cost, stay away from it. One more very good working one for computers who are working slowly is the Regcure PC Optimizer.

Your computer will get many benefits from this, and it has simple and easy way to defrag your registry. It’s amazing that in just little time, your computer will surely run like it’s new again. It can detect and analyze your Windows Registry for any missing, corrupt and obsolete files and entries residue. It‘s one hundred percent safe and compatible also with different Microsoft softwares and any other third party programs. And not just that, it also removes the remnants of failed installations, abandoned drivers, spywares and viruses. So if your computer really need to be defrag, check this one out. It’s available at PC stores all over the world on different outlets. But the most accessible one as we know is looking through it over the internet. The price is not costly, just right for anyone.
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