De La Rue Identity Systems, a world leader in secure e-government identity solutions, today announced that it is supplying Malta's Government with a complete ePassport system that fully integrates with the country's existing National Identity Management System (NIDMS). A technically advanced solution, all elements have been specifically designed to meet necessary software development and integration needs, whilst also providing and linking the ePassport, border control, PKI(1) and eID systems together.

Working closely in partnership with the Government throughout the process, the first ePassport document was issued on 1st October, heralding visa waiver status and European Union compliance for Malta. The initial ePassport offers Basic Access Control (BAC) with a planned move to offer EAC (Extended Access Control) ePassports within the next calendar year. The contract duration is seven years and was awarded following a competitive international tender.

As part of the complete ePassport solution, De La Rue has installed its personalisation system, SIPS(TM) 500e to encode and lock the chip, personalise and laminate the physical book and then complete a quality assurance check, all within a single integrated process. In addition to the manufacture and supply of the e-booklets De La Rue is providing border control systems including ePassport reading and validation stations, support network infrastructures and PKI administration, with eID solutions to follow.

The application process uses De La Rue's sophisticated MIDIS(TM)(2) software for enrolment, data capture and audit control which is already operational in over 750 locations for more than 35 governments worldwide. The ePassport is also among the first in the world to be protected with SHIELDTM which offers integrated, multi-level holographic security features as an ultra-thin film laminate.

James Thorburn, Managing Director, De La Rue Identity Systems said "With the award of this contract, De La Rue Identity Systems has proven that it is at the forefront of e-government identity solutions. We have provided a completely bespoke system for the Maltese Government, integrating the latest technology with our security expertise and software know-how to deliver the very best solution for the customer. We are delighted to be working with Malta on this project."
(1) Public Key Infrastructure
(2) Multiple Identity Document Issuing System
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