The Swiss Company Fastnet SA Releases MailCleaner Version 3 (, its Antivirus / Antispam Solution. Priority #1: Simplicity.

More than 90% of the messages that reach enterprise mail servers are unwanted. This disquieting rate demands filtering solutions of increasing complexity - complex in terms of message processing, but simple in terms of daily use.

Throughout the development cycle for Version 3 of MailCleaner, the focus was on ergonomics and the user experience. "We've made good use of the numerous suggestions offered by our customers, allowing us to dramatically improve the MailCleaner user experience," explained Olivier Bourgeois, Fastnet's CEO. "The user interface was completely rewritten, as was the user manual. With these improvements, MailCleaner can easily be employed by large enterprises and ISPs alike, with a minimum of effort and user training."

MailCleaner integrates a number of different Open Source technologies along with algorithms developed in-house. To complement its technologies, Fastnet leverages the human element as well: The engineers of the Analysis Center monitor spam activity world-wide, making multiple daily adjustments to MailCleaner's defense measures.

Today, MailCleaner protects hundreds of thousands of users. The Solution is used by a number of high-profile institutions and enterprises, including the EPFL, IBM Banking Competence Center, and the French company Aspheria of La Poste group. Translated into multiple languages, MailCleaner is available in a number of countries through its network of partners.

Illustration to download:
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