A British developed revolutionary, system-level computer security program Lanxoma (www.lanxoma.com) launched at the prestigious DEMOfall 08 emerging technology conference in San Diego this morning (www.demo.com).

Lanxoma Restricted Access Permission System (RAPS) from Unity Solutions is the first product to address the need for data security from the inside, creating a permanent, digital record that deters abuse, provides accountability and satisfies the most stringent auditing standards.

To date IT management has done everything possible to safeguard the systems and data of their organizations. They have implemented password protection for applications, validated data ranges, fire-walled PCs and secured networks.

What has been impossible, until now, is to deter the "insider threat."

Lanxoma is software that requires technicians to request permission for root access to systems. Management provides access for a pre-determined period and Lanxoma advises the technician that all activity will be digitally recorded. If evidence of abuse is required, every mouse movement, keystroke, screen action and audio output can be "replayed."

Lanxoma is an enterprise-level, cross-platform, software-based solution that provides IT technicians controlled access to privileged systems -- then records what they do while inside. Management authorizes access and can later review precisely what IT workers did.

Said Unity Solutions founder and CEO Manoj Patel: "Sometimes you need to 'see' what IT workers with privileged system access have been up to -- where they went inside your system, and exactly what they did while they were there. It's been a hit-or-miss chore. What if you could 'see' everything the original user saw -- in real time? That's what Lanxoma does."

"We are all becoming increasingly aware of the potential damages that can be caused by insider threats There are stories in the media almost on a weekly basis and so there is a growing need for enterprises to adopt better technologies, such as Lanxoma, to protect the core of the network," said Charlotte Dunlap, Senior. Analyst, Information Security, Enterprise Strategy Group

Lanxoma deters abuse by recording every action (keyboard, mouse, screen and audio). Lanxoma acts as a deterrent and offers evidence - like a CCTV camera in a bank.

Lanxoma isn't just a deterrent. It's also a safeguard that provides protection for IT workers - without the need for constant screen-captures, print copies and old-fashioned paper files. Lanxoma's recording capabilities also serve as a training tool that lets workers see precisely what they've done right - or wrong.

Lanxoma is a stand-alone, cross-platform solution that works across networks and supports Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista and Terminal services. Lanxoma integrates to existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and is highly scalable. Lanxoma is targeted at multiple tiers of business with four different versions, serving small and medium enterprises with as few as 25 users, to Fortune 500 giants, public companies, Enterprise Resource Planning software users and government agencies with thousands. Customizable implementation, along with ongoing support and maintenance is available for any client with a need for controlled-access security and regulatory compliance solutions, from pharma and finance to insurance and industry.

Targeted markets include aerospace and defense, distribution, education, energy and utilities, engineering and construction, financial services, food production, healthcare, information and communications technologies, leisure (casinos, resorts, hotels), pharmaceuticals, retail, and telecommunications.

Lanxoma entered beta testing with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in April. In August, Lanxoma went live in the workplace, with 30 stations utilizing the system at a UK location of a U.S.-based Fortune 500 company. From September through the end of 2008, Lanxoma will roll out to over 2000 clients across Europe.

Founded in 1999, Unity Solutions is headquartered in Leigh, Greater Manchester. Launched as a JD Edwards reseller to small and medium enterprises, the company is now an Oracle service provider with clients like Fortis (Belgium), Keune (Holland), Flatiron Construction Corp. (U.S.) and Cadillac Products Automotive Company (U.S.)
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