Yoggie Security Systems(TM) today announced that its revolutionary Internet Security device has been awarded "Best of Innovations 2008 - Computer Accessories" by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Yoggie Pico(TM) is a USB key-sized Personal Security Computer with 12 security applications. It connects to any PC or laptop - blocking Internet threats outside the host computer and boosting PC and laptop performance by offloading installed security software.

For Yoggie Security Systems(TM) this award is the latest in a string of prestigious industry awards and accolades that have followed the launch of its range of personal security computers onto the market. The list includes Business Week/IDSA Silver Idea Award, Red Herring Top 100, RSA Innovation Award, Network World 'Top Ten Security Companies to Watch' and a host of product recommendations from leading computing, consumer and business publications.

Shlomo Touboul, Founder and CEO of Yoggie Security Systems(TM) said, "We are thrilled by this fantastic recognition from the world's most important consumer technology show. It is very much consistent with the extremely warm and enthusiastic response we are getting from our customers, partners and other market influencers. Consumers are excited about the availability of Pentagon level security from a USB miniature computer. We have made the most robust security applications and intrusion prevention systems available to everyone without the need to be a security expert. We also made significant efforts to ensure that the consumer user does not get security alert pop-ups and messages."

The Yoggie Pico(TM) is a sleek, silver USB-key, but is in fact a full-blown computer with its own processor, memory and unique operating system. It combines best-of-breed security software with proprietary patent-pending developments to provide the most comprehensive all-in-one security technology available to consumers today.

The Yoggie Pico(TM) delivers plug and forget functionality. Users do not have to worry about updates as it automatically checks for them each time it connects to the Internet, and manages the entire process. The device does not require complex installation, configuration or ongoing management (although advanced users can alter the configuration should they wish to).

With the Yoggie Pico(TM) providing Pentagon-level security for their home PC or laptop, consumers no longer need to run software-based security suites. This means increased performance for their computer.

In addition, the Yoggie Pico(TM) has parental controls built in and can be configured so that, if it is disconnected (by a child wanting access to off-limits websites) Internet access will be denied.

About the Yoggie Pico(TM)

A revolution in Laptop and PC Security: Yoggie's Personal Security Computer is the 'next generation Internet Security Suite': a powerful USB key-size Linux-based 520 MHz computer with 12 built-in security applications.

Designed to off-load installed security software from your PC, this dedicated mini-computer provides PC users with the following benefits:

- Block all Internet threats outside - before they reach your PC
- Hide your computer from Internet Hackers ('Stealth Mode')
- Boost your PC's performance - offload your security applications and get rid of heavy duty updates
- Complete physical isolation of your PC from public networks
- Untouchable Operating System
- Protection from known as well as unknown attacks
- Plug and forget easy installation and operation
- Automated security updates

The full list of security functions provided by the Yoggie Pico(TM) includes:

- Anti-Virus
- Anti-Spyware
- Anti-Phishing
- Anti-Spam
- Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System
- Firewall (stateful inspection)
- Web Filtering/Parental Content Control
- Adaptive Security Policy(TM)
- Multi-Layer Security Agent(TM) (Patent pending)
- Layer-8 Security Engine (TM) (Patent pending)
- Transparent Email Proxies (POP3; SMTP)
- Transparent Web Proxies (HTTP; FTP)

About Yoggie Security Systems(TM)

Yoggie Security Systems(TM) was established in 2005 by Shlomo Touboul, founder and former CEO of Finjan Software, and the inventor of Behavior Based Blocking Technology. As a result of countless meetings with IT managers around the world, Mr. Touboul realized they all share a common concern - while security technology has matured to provide robust security, traveling laptops create security holes that jeopardize the security of the entire corporate network. Mr. Touboul decided to dare the impossible, to try to miniaturize all the security appliances found in the corporate server room into a credit-card size device that can be easily carried and connected to the laptop.

The attempt was successful. After two years of intensive research, the world's first miniature security appliance was created - Yoggie Gatekeeper(TM). Putting all the security solutions into such a small device requires robust processing power, and indeed the Yoggie Gatekeeper is as strong as a full-blown Pentium III PC (520 MHz). But unlike a regular PC, it was designed as a security hardware, with a hardened operating system and physical separation between the unsafe zone (Internet) and the safe zone (connected to the laptop). The Yoggie Gatekeeper(TM), and the newer (USB key-sized) Yoggie Pico(TM), solve the vulnerabilities of traveling laptops by effectively extending robust corporate security to the traveling workforce. In addition to serving the corporate world, both the Gatekeeper and Pico are suitable for SMBs and home users.

Yoggie also has wide industry recognition: Winner of RSA Innovation Station 2007, Red Herring 100 Europe 2007, is Personal Computer World Recommended, Techworld short listed, Computing Hardware Security Technology short listed, winner of CES "Best of Innovations 2008 - Computer Accessories" and winner of the IDSA and Business Week Silver IDEA award. The company continues to expand rapidly through its growing worldwide network of first class distributors and its e-store.

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