HELSINKI, November 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Valimo has been chosen by Frost & Sullivan's analyst team to receive the 2007 Frost & Sullivan European Excellence in Technology of the Year Award in network authentication technologies. This award recognizes the business potential of Valimo's end-to-end mobile signature and identity solution. Valimo's solution enables you to sign transactions and documents using your existing mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

"Valimo's mobile signature solution has the potential to become an industry standard. And the potential impact of this innovation touches several industries such as mobile communications, financial services and strong user authentication for online service delivery concepts," explains Yin Fern Ko at Frost & Sullivan.

"The past year has marked significant growth for Valimo and the mobile signature market as a whole. On behalf of our staff, I am proud to add this prestigious award to our expanding list of accomplishments, further recognizing Valimo as the leading provider of mobile phone based signature and identity solutions. We have great respect for Frost & Sullivan's analyst team and are honored by their recognition," explains Tapio Vailahti, CEO of Valimo.

In particular, Valimo's patents influenced Frost & Sullivan's decision. These innovations accelerate the evolution of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM card) into a mobile identity module by reducing the costs and increasing the security of creating user identity credentials in SIM cards. This is accomplished through a more secure registration process and an improved user experience.

"Valimo's mobile signature solutions are clearly the market leader in terms of installed base and active users. Valimo's experience gained in Finland, Turkey, Spain and other markets is a concrete strategic advantage," continues Yin Fern Ko.

Valimo Wireless provides secure and convenient mobile signature solutions for online banking, e-commerce, corporate security and other uses. Valimo's customers include major mobile operators, banks and corporations.

About Valimo Wireless

Helsinki-based Valimo Wireless is the leading provider of mobile signature solutions for mobile operator, bank and corporate customers.

Valimo's solutions are used by more than 40 European and Middle Eastern customers to date, assuring protection against various security attacks like phishing, cost savings thanks to digitalization of various currently paper-based processes and introduction of new business cases enabled by the convenient mobile signing capability.

Valimo is growing strongly with offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and Turkey.

For more information about Valimo, please visit

"Valimo" is a registered trademark of Valimo Wireless Ltd in Finland and other countries.
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