GREELEY — The University of Northern Colorado is going to use the Internet to help boost security after the Virginia massacre.

An online site will post pictures of people who are not allowed on campus, President Kay Norton wrote in a letter to staff and students.

“If there is anything we might consider positive to come out of Monday’s shootings at Virginia Tech, it is the lessons that may keep other campuses safe,” Norton wrote in the letter. “There’s a great deal of talk about ’locking down’ campuses, and while the concept sounds simple, the reality is that it is virtually impossible to block all access to a public institution.”

Instead, the school is creating a new page on the UNC police Web site with the names and pictures of people who have been banned from campus during the current academic year, the Greeley Tribune reported. This information has always been available but access will be much easier.

The photos will include some who were not considered security threats but had violated the student code, or were caught committing a crime on campus. “Given the events of this week, we think it is appropriate to share the information with the entire campus community as we ask you to be more cognizant of security,” Norton said in the letter.

Mitch Cozad, the former University of Northern Colorado punter who is accused of stabbing fellow punter Rafael Mendoza in September, is on the list.

Norton also wrote that no anti-Korean stereotyping will be tolerating.

On Friday, UNC students showed their support for Virginia Tech by wearing its school colors.

Source: Summit
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